Definition of "ice-cave" [ice-cave]

  • A cave in which ice is formed in sufficient quantity to outlast the warm season; a glacière. (noun)
  • A hollow under the end of a glacier, whence the glacial stream flows out. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ice-cave" in a sentence
  • "The film draws us into a green jungle, a blue lagoon, a blue-grey ice-cave, with fantastic images of monkeys, ghosts, and even a princess, leading viewers not so much to know what is going on, but to wonder about their own relation to the mysterious."
  • "Sleepy ease is being shoved and bullied from the room by Jennifers ice-cave silence."
  • "Neysa plunged through a bank of snow, breaking into the interior of an ice-cave."