Definition of "ice machine" [ice machine]

  • A machine for making ice artificially, as by the production of a low temperature through the sudden expansion of a gas or vapor, or the rapid evaporation of a volatile liquid. (noun)

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Use "ice machine" in a sentence
  • "The room always smelled like a Ben-Gay factory, and the ice machine in the corner constantly whined."
  • "After ten minutes 'maneuvering, with a close check being kept on the plotting table to maintain our position relative to Drift Station Zebra, it was clear that the ice machine was behaving perfectly normally again, tracing out the inverted ridges and valleys in the ice with its usual magical accuracy."
  • "There were three red crosses superimposed on the paper, two very close together, and just as Hansen was examining the paper the crewman manning the ice machine -- Dr. Benson's enthusiasm for his toy did not, it appeared, extend to the middle of the night -- called out "'Marl!""
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