Definition of "ice hockey" [ice hockey]

  • A game played on ice in which two opposing teams of skaters, using curved sticks, try to drive a puck into the opponent's goal. (noun)
  • A game played on ice by two opposing teams of six players each, who wear skates and try to propel a flat puck into their opponents' goal with long sticks having an offset flat blade at the end (noun)

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Use "ice hockey" in a sentence
  • "Before Torino, the U.S. Olympic Committee and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency asked me to take part—along with Michelle Kwan and U.S. women’s ice hockey players such as Angela Ruggiero—in a publicservice campaign promoting clean sport."
  • "He did, however, acknowledge a meeting in the spring of 2000 with Tokhtakhounov, in which they discussed a donation for a professional ice hockey team in Paris."