Definition of "ibility" [ibility]

  • The termination of abstract nouns formed in -ity from adjectives in -ible, as in credibility, legibility, etc., from credible, legible, etc. It is properly the double suffix -bility, with a preceding original or euphonic vowel i-. Compare -ability, and see -bility. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ibility" in a sentence
  • "The Pakistan Taliban claimed respons ibility for an attack this month on Karachi's revered Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine, which killed eight people."
  • "While, as Nancy says, suspense fiction doesn't require series-ibility, the crime-solving subgenre does seem to demand it."
  • "There is the Matisse landscape, The Pink Wall, that was somehow obtained by Kurt Gerstein, an SS officer with specific resp­on­s­­ibility for delivering Zyklon B to the camps who eventually took his own life in July 1945."