Definition of "iambus" [i•am•bus]

  • (noun) Variant of iamb.
  • (noun) a metrical foot consisting of two syllables, a short one followed by a long one (◡ –)
  • (noun) a line of verse of such feet

Use "iambus" in a sentence

  • "That verse wherein the accent is on the even syllables may be called even or parisyllabic verse, and corresponds with what has been called iambic verse; retaining the term iambus for the name of the foot we shall thereby mean an unaccented and an accented syllable."
  • "As has already been said, the iambus is the common foot of English verse."
  • "Only we must be careful that by "iambus," in English poetry, we _meant_ an unstressed syllable, rather than a short syllable followed by a long one."

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