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  • ""It was in fact racist of the African National Congress to reach agreement wi iaa for aars to be written off only in ` African 'townships," the movement said."
  • "You'll find that in the IAA's last annual report, which is on their website: www."
  • "HiMS, or Hems, a town of Syria, lito - der the three grand divilions of Uindob* attd at the foot of Mount Libanus, iaa ftanProper, theDeccan, and thePeninfu* pUinv watered by a canaU which comma - la."
  • "When, let but Death only ofier to mike hii Appearance, and the very Senfe of his near Approach atmoft doei the Baiinefs: Oh, then alt they want iaa little longer Life; and they would be glad to come off fo well, as to have their old Burden laid upon their Shoulders again."
  • "Hedva Shemesh Artist, Art Curator - Jerusalem/Israel iaa. org"