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  • "Samuel, die executor and heir, affigned the term ia"
  • "We know so little of Hretha that many interpretations are possible, and certainly a goddess called Nerthus was of great importance to at least some of the Germanic peoples Tacitus mentions her in Germania and may have had other names."
  • "With my girlfriend fiancee having a full-time job and week-end university study commitments I have promised to take the lead in organising the wedding which I think will take place in Prague but with an additional service/celebration in Slovakia/UK at some point."
  • "When he was offered the chance to return to the Eighteenth, since Varus was growing edgy about the potential for trouble with the tribes in Germania, he leaped at the chance."
  • " "Baiklah baca ini, " maka ia akan menjawab: "Aku tidak dapat membaca.""
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