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Definition of "hure" [hure]

  • A Middle English form of hire. (noun)
  • A cap. (noun)
  • In heraldry, the head of a boar, wolf, or bear, used as a bearing. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "hure" in a sentence
  • "Þe meidenes wið {} uten ȝif heo serueð ðe ancre also ase heo owen {;} hore hure schal beon ðe eche blisse of heouene. hwo {} so haueð eie hope touward so heie hure : gledliche wule heo seruen ⁊ lihtliche alle wo and alle teone þolien."
  • "Again Millais gives us the noble features, the extravagant 'hure' [35] of the Tennyson whom his contemporaries saw, alive, glowing with force;"
  • "The Hurons and the Iroquois are said to have received their names from the French ” the former in allusion to the French word hure, a head of hair, these savages being distinguished by a singular mode of dressing theirs; the latter from their frequent repetition of the word “hiro,” “I have said it,” the ordinary termination of the warriors 'harangues."