Definition of "house" []

  • A structure serving as a dwelling for one or more persons, especially for a family. (noun)
  • A household or family. (noun)
  • Something, such as a burrow or shell, that serves as a shelter or habitation for a wild animal. (noun)
  • A dwelling for a group of people, such as students or members of a religious community, who live together as a unit: a sorority house. (noun)
  • A building that functions as the primary shelter or location of something: a carriage house; the lion house at the zoo. (noun)
  • A building used as a home; dwelling (noun)

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  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • The people present in a house, esp its usual occupants (noun)
  • A building used for some specific purpose (noun)
  • (in combination) (noun)
  • A family line including ancestors and relatives, esp a noble one (noun)
  • A commercial company; firm (noun)
  • An official deliberative or legislative body, such as one chamber of a bicameral legislature (noun)
  • A quorum in such a body (esp in the phrase make a house) (noun)
  • A dwelling for a religious community (noun)
  • Any of the 12 divisions of the zodiac (noun)
  • Any of several divisions, esp residential, of a large school (noun)
  • A hotel, restaurant, bar, inn, club, etc, or the management of such an establishment (noun)
  • (of wine) sold unnamed by a restaurant, at a lower price than wines specified on the wine list (noun)
  • The audience in a theatre or cinema (noun)
  • A hall in which an official deliberative or legislative body meets (noun)
  • The 12-foot target circle around the tee (noun)
  • Any structure or shelter on the weather deck of a vessel (noun)
  • To provide with or serve as accommodation (verb)
  • To give or receive shelter or lodging (verb)
  • To contain or cover, esp in order to protect (verb)
  • To fit (a piece of wood) into a mortise, joint, etc (verb)
  • To secure or stow (verb)
  • To secure (a topmast) (verb)
  • To secure and stow (an anchor) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "house" in a sentence
  • "House prices could be supported by purchase of housing -- house buyer of last resort."
  • "You'll see, we'll have a Marxist in the White House now, and Marxists running the house and senate."
  • "Last weekend, I set about to decorate my perfect tree. in my scaled down, dream house, for my very first christmas ~in the blue and white house~ celebrating my "this is as good as it gets" reality."