Definition of "house-steward" [house-steward]

  • A man employed to superintend the internal affairs of a household, or of a club-house or similar establishment. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "house-steward" in a sentence
  • "John, cashiered, (for want of proper mollets, and because his hair did not take powder well,) had given great satisfaction to the under-butler, who reported well of him to his chief, who had mentioned his name with praise to the house-steward."
  • "The victory was made known to the house-steward himself, who, being a little partial to Miss Flouncy herself, complimented Jeames on his valor, and poured out a glass of Madeira in his own room."
  • "Horrocks, his butler or house-steward (as he now began to be called), and the abandoned Ribbons."