Definition of "hoodooism" []

  • Voodoo, a form of religion practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries (esp. Haiti); it involves witchcraft and animistic deities. (noun)

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Use "hoodooism" in a sentence
  • "One would believe that in enlightened America the Roman Church could not wield such an idolatrous influence over her followers, but when you stop to think that the children of Catholic parents are brought up from infancy to believe all of this "hoodooism," it is not strange that they fall into these idolatrous practices."
  • "Popish church has never advanced one-hundredth part of an inch from the trenches of ancient ignorance and superstitions, nor has she in any material way been instrumental in advancing a single interest of the masses which elevates, as her every cry and her combined efforts have been to paralyze progress and scientific research, as she well knows that to have the searchlight of reason turned upon her mystified labyrinths of hoodooism, the world will behold the marks of ignorance, superstition and barbarism upon her degraded form."
  • "Local color writers have been milking the spiked treacle of New Orleans’s seedy hoodooism for more than 150 years, but this was hard to beat."