Definition of "hony" [hony]

  • An obsolete spelling of honey. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "hony" in a sentence
  • "He after such sort called the king apoilitos, which is letter for letter Ptolomaeus and Queene Arsinoe he called [...], which is Arsinoe, now the subtillitie lyeth not in the conuersion but in the sence in this that Apomelitos, signifieth in Greek [hony sweet] so was Ptolome the sweetest natured man in the world both for countenance and conditions, and Ioneras, signifieth the violet or flower of Iuno a stile among the Greekes for a woman endued with all bewtie and magnificence, which construction falling out grateful and so truly, exceedingly well pleased the King and the Queene, and got Lycophron no litle thanke and benefite at both their hands."
  • "The Bees do here and there sucke this and cull that flower, but afterward they produce the hony, which is peculiarly their owne, then is it no more Thyme or Majoram."
  • "The latter was so welded to Fidel that it is hard to iimagine that he was tempted by hony…his perfurme is FIDEL."