Definition of "homestead" []

  • A house, especially a farmhouse, with adjoining buildings and land. (noun)
  • Law Property designated by a householder as the householder's home and protected by law from forced sale to meet debts. (noun)
  • Land claimed by a settler or squatter, especially under the Homestead Act. (noun)
  • The place where one's home is. (noun)
  • To settle and farm land, especially under the Homestead Act. (verb-intransitive)
  • A house or estate and the adjoining land, buildings, etc, esp a farm (noun)

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  • (in the US) a house and adjoining land designated by the owner as his fixed residence and exempt under the homestead laws from seizure and forced sale for debts (noun)
  • (in western Canada) a piece of land, usually 160 acres, granted to a settler by the federal government (noun)
  • The owner's or manager's residence on a sheep or cattle station; in New Zealand the term includes all outbuildings (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "homestead" in a sentence
  • "These are what I called "homestead crafts" because they were similar to things we did in homestead days."
  • "I call it homestead because we used every available box and piece of cardboard from everything that came into the house, to make things with, when we were growing up on the homestead."
  • "Throughout Bantu history, there is every reason to suppose that food preparation was the undertaking of women within homestead environs."