Definition of "home" []

  • A place where one lives; a residence. (noun)
  • The physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or apartment. (noun)
  • A dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household. (noun)
  • An environment offering security and happiness. (noun)
  • A valued place regarded as a refuge or place of origin. (noun)
  • The place or a place where one lives (noun)

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  • A house or other dwelling (noun)
  • A family or other group living in a house or other place (noun)
  • A person's country, city, etc, esp viewed as a birthplace, a residence during one's early years, or a place dear to one (noun)
  • The environment or habitat of a person or animal (noun)
  • The place where something is invented, founded, or developed (noun)
  • A building or organization set up to care for orphans, the aged, etc (noun)
  • One's own ground (noun)
  • The objective towards which a player strives in certain sports (noun)
  • An area where a player is safe from attack (noun)
  • One of two positions of play nearest the opponents' goal (noun)
  • A player assigned to such a position (noun)
  • Britain, esp England (noun)
  • Of, relating to, or involving one's home, country, etc; domestic (adjective)
  • (of an activity) done in one's house (adjective)
  • Effective or deadly (adjective)
  • Relating to one's own ground (adjective)
  • Central; principal (adjective)
  • To or at home (adverb)
  • To or on the point (adverb)
  • To the fullest extent (adverb)
  • (of nautical gear) into or in the best or proper position (adverb)
  • (of birds and other animals) to return home accurately from a distance (verb)
  • To direct or be directed onto a point or target, esp by automatic navigational aids (verb)
  • To send or go home (verb)
  • To furnish with or have a home (verb)
  • To be directed towards a goal, target, etc (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "home" in a sentence
  • "Peltier lived in a big brownstone on Danforth Street, close by the beautiful Italianate Victoria Mansion, which his home resembled in miniature."
  • "Mercier's home was a huge white place with landscaped gardens and so many rooms that a search party would have to be organized if anybody got lost on the way to the bathroom."
  • "I think I was talking about them all: the man on the mast; Grace and Curtis Peltier; a woman and child, a year earlier, lying on the floor of a cheap apartment; another woman, another child, in the kitchen of our home in Brooklyn a year before that again; my father, my mother, my grandfather; a little boy with a bullet wound for an eye."