Definition of "his" [his]

  • Used as a modifier before a noun: his boots; his plans. (adjective)
  • Used to indicate the one or ones belonging to him: If you can't find your hat, take his. (pronoun)
  • Of, belonging to, or associated with him (determiner)

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  • As pronoun (determiner) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "his" in a sentence
  • "That mother had no idea what Bailey had just been through, and his rugged appearance was only his  proud testament to his life at that moment."
  • "And his eyes go what ye'd call twilight misty as his croppy boy goes running over the field,  his stick flickin at the grass seeds,  and the soft sunshine tripping off his boots."
  • "For a lifetime he balanced the trickle of his love,  his thoughts, his hope ... his self ... into her ears, until she became his story."