Definition of "hipbone" [hipbone]

  • Either of two large flat bones each forming one of the lateral halves of the pelvis and consisting of the fused ilium, ischium, and pubis. Also called innominate bone. (noun)

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Use "hipbone" in a sentence
  • "Bone marrow is removed from the bone (usually the hipbone) either by aspiration (suctioning a small amount through a hollow needle) or by biopsy (cutting out a small piece of bone marrow)."
  • "Astronauts on International Space Station lose alarming amounts of hipbone strength, University of California-Irvine"
  • "UC Irvine and UC San Francisco led a study evaluating 13 astronauts who spent four to six months on the International Space Station and found that, on average, astronauts 'hipbone strength decreased 14 percent."