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Definition of "hien" [hien]

  • In China, a subordinate division of a fu or department, or of an independent chow; an administrative district under the control of an official styled chih-hien. In the 18 provinces of China proper there are about 1,285 hien. (noun)
  • The seat of government of such a district. (noun)
  • Also written heen and hsien. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "hien" in a sentence
  • "Gedeeft gouf hien eréischt zwee Joer méi spéit, wat deemols ongewéinlech spéit war."
  • "They found two hunters, whom they brought back with them, and then called on Fa-hien to act as interpreter and question them."
  • "These, like Fa-hien itself, are all what we might call “clerical” names, appellations given to the parties as monks or sramanas."