Definition of "hide" [hide]

  • (verb-transitive) To put or keep out of sight; secrete.
  • (verb-transitive) To prevent the disclosure or recognition of; conceal: tried to hide the facts.
  • (verb-transitive) To cut off from sight; cover up: Clouds hid the stars.
  • (verb-transitive) To avert (one's gaze), especially in shame or grief.
  • (verb-intransitive) To keep oneself out of sight.

Use "hide" in a sentence

  • ""You will turn your face to the wall, say good-bye to those who you thought were your friends, build a high fence around you and hide -- _hide_ from the world and everything!""
  • "For down to the comparatively late date at which our homilies were put together, the hide of Ciaran's Dun was evidently preserved _as a hide_, on or under which a dying man could lie: therefore it cannot have been made into a book."
  • "Cancelled Presidential debates smack of manipulation by 'run and hide' candidates yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Cancelled Presidential debates smack of manipulation by \'run and hide\' candidates '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: "I\'m prepared to discuss the war, health care, trade, or any other issue anytime, anywhere, with any audience, answering any question from any media."

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