Definition of "hiatus" []

  • A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break: "We are likely to be disconcerted by . . . hiatuses of thought” ( Edmund Wilson). (noun)
  • Linguistics A slight pause that occurs when two immediately adjacent vowels in consecutive syllables are pronounced, as in reality and naive. (noun)
  • Anatomy A separation, aperture, fissure, or short passage in an organ or body part. (noun)
  • (esp in manuscripts) a break or gap where something is missing (noun)

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  • A break or interruption in continuity (noun)
  • A break between adjacent vowels in the pronunciation of a word (noun)
  • A natural opening or aperture; foramen (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "hiatus" in a sentence
  • "Cleopatra _Cleopatra_ compatriot _compatriot_ gratis _gratis_ or _grahtis_ harem _harem_ or _hahrem_ heinous _hanous_ hiatus _hiatus_ implacable _implakable_ nape _nap_ née _na_ négligé _naglezha'_ patron _patron_ protégé _protazha'_ résumé _razuma'_ tenacious _tenashus_ tomato _tomato_ or _tomahto_ valet _va'la_ or _val'et_ vase _vas, vahz_, or _vaz_ veracious _verashus_ vivacious _vivashus_"
  • "Why doesn't he opt for a hiatus from the political arena and appoint somebody to run the state for a while?"
  • "On an unrelated note, yes we took a hiatus from the SpouseBUZZ Challenge due to travel and SpouseBUZZ event, but get ready - it's about to start up again ...."