Definition of "hexameter" []

  • A line of verse consisting of six metrical feet. (noun)
  • In classical prosody, a line in which the first four feet are either dactylic or spondaic, the fifth dactylic, and the sixth spondaic. (noun)

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Use "hexameter" in a sentence
  • "I had toyed with writing a response in hexameter verse, but that would have been pushing it, no?"
  • "As European students learnt Latin, they learnt how to translate Virgil and Homer, how to write imitation verses and how to write in hexameter and with rhyme."
  • "I have, accordingly, ventured to elicit the end of a hexameter from the Greek letters of the MS., of which no satisfactory account has been given, and to read _Itaque dixit statim "respublica lege maiestatis_ οὐ σοί κεν ἄρ 'ἶσα μ' ἀφείη (or ἀφιῇ).""