Definition of "hewn" []

  • A past participle of hew. (verb)
  • To strike (something, esp wood) with cutting blows, as with an axe (verb)

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  • To shape or carve from a substance (verb)
  • To sever from a larger or another portion (verb)
  • To conform (to a code, principle, etc) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "hewn" in a sentence
  • "Every evening, at dusk, a statuesque semi-naked Fijian played on a huge drum, hewn from the trunk of an enormous coconut palm, which was the announcement that dinner was served."
  • "He has brought me a small bird hewn from a piece of cypress."
  • "Images came in every day of some ashen soul being carried out of the crush, as if they were just chisel-hewn from the concrete — dusty and a bit broken of course, but still alive with a thumbs up for the camera as they go by."