Definition of "hello" []

  • Used to greet someone, answer the telephone, or express surprise. (interjection)
  • A calling or greeting of "hello.” (noun)
  • To call "hello.” (verb-intransitive)
  • An expression of greeting used on meeting a person or at the start of a telephone call (sentence-substitute)

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  • A call used to attract attention (sentence-substitute)
  • An expression of surprise (sentence-substitute)
  • An expression used to indicate that the speaker thinks his or her listener is naive or slow to realize something (sentence-substitute)
  • The act of saying or calling "hello" (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "hello" in a sentence
  • "Slide 35: AST変換: @Category / @Mixin interface Mixed {} @Category (Mixed) class CatClass {def hello () {println \ "hello\"}} @Mixin (CatClass) class MyClass implements Mixed {} x = new MyClass () x. hello () ※ interface Mixedの意義が不明。"
  • "The word hello got stuck in her mouth as she looked at a bloodied and battered Derek De Graff."
  • "The doctors took the pen and wrote the word "hello" on a piece of paper."