Definition of "heliographic" [he•li•o•graph•ic]

  • Of or pertaining to heliography (adjective)
  • Transmitted by heliograph (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "heliographic" in a sentence
  • "They speculate that it is the shift of heliomagnetic equator away from the heliographic equator that causes the preferential polarity."
  • "That paper makes an argument that the vertical component of the interplanetary magnetic field Bz goes through long periods where one polarity dominates over the other and speculates that the cause may be a shifting of the heliomagnetic equator away from the heliographic equator."
  • "One of the most telling phenomena for our purposes was the way the sunspots came up all of a sudden during the induction, completely unnaturally, in a pattern that bears no resemblance whatever to the usual ‘butterfly’ diagram, the plot of the heliographic latitude of the sunspots versus time."