Definition of "heine" []

  • Heinrich (ˈhainrɪç). 1797–1856, German poet and essayist, whose chief poetic work is Das Buch der Lieder (1827). Many of his poems have been set to music, notably by Schubert and Schumann (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "heine" in a sentence
  • "Report Abuse henne the heine is the perfect smelly phish qb."
  • "Ultimately, Teresa the disagreeable became demon-dung, a waste-disposal issue, a cruel wage for a hair up her heine at the wrong time."
  • "Just think, in WWI we kicked some heine hiney and we never heard a peep from them again!"
  • "Now this heine in the year 552; this, by the addition of the six - teen hundred and twenty vears, reaches down to the year 1811; wnich according to the prophetical account, is the year"