Definition of "hearing" []

  • The sense by which sound is perceived; the capacity to hear. (noun)
  • Range of audibility; earshot. (noun)
  • An opportunity to be heard. (noun)
  • Law A preliminary examination of an accused person. (noun)
  • Law The trial of an equity case. (noun)
  • The faculty or sense by which sound is perceived (noun)

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  • An opportunity to be listened to (noun)
  • The range within which sound can be heard; earshot (noun)
  • The investigation of a matter by a court of law, esp the preliminary inquiry into an indictable crime by magistrates (noun)
  • A formal or official trial of an action or lawsuit (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "hearing" in a sentence
  • "The organ of hearing is injured _at its peripheral extremity_, or else the acusticus in its course; then occurs _difficulty of hearing_ or"
  • ""The _cause of sound_, that which, moved by the shock or the vibrations of bodies, transmits to the organ of hearing the impression which it receives, penetrates everywhere, traverses all the media, and even the mass of the densest bodies: from this it results that every animal which makes a part of a plan of organization to which _hearing_ is essential, has always occasion to exercise this organ in whatever situation it lives."
  • "Almost every major piece of disability legislation, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, incorporated the term hearing impaired."