Definition of "headstrong" []

  • Determined to have one's own way; stubbornly and often recklessly willful. See Synonyms at obstinate, unruly. (adjective)
  • Resulting from willfulness and obstinacy. (adjective)
  • Self-willed; obstinate (adjective)

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  • (of an action) heedless; rash (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "headstrong" in a sentence
  • "The only way this can be done practically, though, is if Sarah receives a rollback, a brand new rejuvenation technique that can only be afforded to the rich and powerful - like a certain headstrong millionaire."
  • "Both are known as headstrong leaders unaccustomed to sharing power."
  • "But I felt that it was clear that the least want of firmness at the outset would endanger my whole educational plan; therefore, I stood firm, and indeed gained my point, though at the price of being called headstrong, self-willed, and stubborn."