Definition of "header" []

  • One that fits a head on an object. (noun)
  • One that removes a head from an object, especially a machine that reaps the heads of grain and passes them into a wagon or receptacle. (noun)
  • A pipe that serves as a central connection for two or more smaller pipes. (noun)
  • A floor or roof beam placed between two long beams that supports the ends of the tailpieces. (noun)
  • A brick or stone laid at a right angle to the face of a wall so that only its short end is showing. Also called bonder. (noun)
  • A reservoir, tank, or hopper that maintains a gravity feed or a static fluid pressure in an apparatus (noun)

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  • A manifold for distributing a fluid supply amongst a number of passages (noun)
  • A machine that trims the heads from castings, forgings, etc, or one that forms heads, as in wire, to make nails (noun)
  • A person who operates such a machine (noun)
  • A brick or stone laid across a wall so that its end is flush with the outer surface (noun)
  • The action of striking a ball with the head (noun)
  • A headlong fall or dive (noun)
  • A block of data on a tape or disk providing information about the size, location, etc, of a file (noun)
  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • A mentally unbalanced person (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "header" in a sentence
  • "$header = shift @$recs; my $data = $header-fixed. $header-var;"
  • "说明:查看 firefox 收发请求的 header, 特别是在发出请求前, 可以修改 header。"
  • "I think what's throwing people off is the title header of your op-piece."