Definition of "hc" []

  • Holy Communion
  • (in Britain) House of Commons (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "hc" in a sentence
  • "The book is in hc format now but the author might have something else of a similar theme a book previous to this."
  • "Nancy Pelosi will srtap one on and do to them what she did to hc reform."
  • "Obama passes republican idea of insurance mandate to reduce price of hc so republican response on infringement on constitution ‘both sides do it’"
  • "Answering the question about whether he agrees with the PROCESS by which Congress is utilizing to pass hc reform, was a VERY important one … and one that BO skirted as much as he could … even after being interrupted."
  • "Some of the mass markets are reprints of the hc/trades but many are originals."