Definition of "hasard" [has•ard]

  • Hazard. (noun)

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Use "hasard" in a sentence
  • "~~~~~~~~~~~~French Vocabulary~~~~~~~~~~~ chez eux = at their place; les chaleurs = heat (dog's heat); Ils se sont échappés = they escaped; je ne comprends pas = I don't understand; la bonneterie (f) = hosier's/lingerie shop; le mystère (m) = mystery; Excusez-moi ... vous n'avez pas -- par hasard -- vu deux chiens?"
  • "Monday, June 01, 2009 at 04: 05 AM j'adore l'addition de trois mots au hasard."
  • "Bresson's most sublime and devastating vision, "Au hasard Balthazar" 1966, is a modern-day fable about a long-suffering donkey victimized by his owners' pride, greed, lust and sadism."