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  • Music An instrument having an upright triangular frame consisting of a pillar, a curved neck, and a hollow back containing the sounding board, with usually 46 or 47 strings of graded lengths that are played by plucking with the fingers. (noun)
  • Music Any of various ancient and modern instruments of similar construction. (noun)
  • Informal Music A harmonica. (noun)
  • Something, such as a pair of vertical supports for a lampshade, that resembles a harp. (noun)
  • To play a harp. (verb-intransitive)
  • A large triangular plucked stringed instrument consisting of a soundboard connected to an upright pillar by means of a curved crossbar from which the strings extend downwards. The strings are tuned diatonically and may be raised in pitch either one or two semitones by the use of pedals (double-action harp). Basic key: B major; range: nearly seven octaves (noun)

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  • Something resembling this, esp in shape (noun)
  • To play the harp (verb)
  • To speak; utter; express (verb)
  • To speak or write in a persistent and tedious manner (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "harp" in a sentence
  • "So, perhaps a harp is the best instrument for a bone musician."
  • "Do you have any idea how complicated the harp is to play?"
  • "The harp is like the unicorn of musical instruments."