Definition of "harbor-master" [harbor-master]

  • An officer who has charge of the mooring and berthing of ships, and enforces the regulations respecting harbors. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "harbor-master" in a sentence
  • "When I told him my story, he entreated me with favor and made me his harbor-master, and I have prospered in his service and found acceptance with him."
  • "The regal convoy consisted of five or six war-steamers, and His Majesty, besides his own officers, was escorted also by the English consul at Bangkok, the harbor-master and several European officers in the Siamese service."
  • "In 1827, Mr. Walworth, the harbor-master and Government agent, proceeded to Washington, and after the most strenuous exertions, succeeded in obtaining a further grant of $10,000 for the improvement of the harbor."