Definition of "hane" [hane]

  • See hain.
  • An obsolete variant of khan. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "hane" in a sentence
  • "How many times can he "misspeak" before it becomes painfully obvious that the man doesn't hane a clue unless he has Joe Leiberman whispering the answers in his ear."
  • "They must be on the ropes by now … I wonder why they hane not considered changing their business model of a poor variety of marginal food at exhorbitant prices because it moves on a belt?"
  • "Langshaw, although larger than the other mansions assembled at the head of the supposed Glendearg, has nothing about it more remarkable than the inscription of the present proprietor over his shooting lodge — Utinam hane eliam viris impleam amicis — a modest wish, which I know no one more capable of attaining upon an extended scale, than the gentleman who has expressed it upon a limited one."