Definition of "halo" []

  • A circular band of colored light around a light source, as around the sun or moon, caused by the refraction and reflection of light by ice particles suspended in the intervening atmosphere. (noun)
  • Something resembling this band. (noun)
  • A luminous ring or disk of light surrounding the heads or bodies of sacred figures, such as saints, in religious paintings; a nimbus. (noun)
  • The aura of majesty or glory surrounding a person or thing that is regarded with reverence, awe, or sentiment. (noun)
  • To encircle with or as if with a halo. (verb-transitive)
  • A disc or ring of light around the head of an angel, saint, etc, as in painting or sculpture (noun)

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  • The aura surrounding an idealized, famous, or admired person, thing, or event (noun)
  • A circle of light around the sun or moon, caused by the refraction of light by particles of ice (noun)
  • A spherical cloud of stars surrounding the Galaxy and other spiral galaxies (noun)
  • To surround with or form a halo (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "halo" in a sentence
  • "One way to remove this halo is to image another bright star in this mode, such as Vega, and subtract that halo from the one around Fomalhaut."
  • "The word halo most likely evolves from the Greek helias, meaning sun."
  • "But the halo is an uneasy fit, as nearly anyone whose familiarity with college basketball extends beyond a television screen would tell you."