Definition of "hall" []

  • A corridor or passageway in a building. (noun)
  • A large entrance room or vestibule in a building; a lobby. (noun)
  • A building for public gatherings or entertainments. (noun)
  • The large room in which such events are held. (noun)
  • A building used for the meetings, entertainments, or living quarters of a fraternity, sorority, church, or other social or religious organization. (noun)
  • A room serving as an entry area within a house or building (noun)

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  • A building for public meetings (noun)
  • The great house of an estate; manor (noun)
  • A large building or room used for assemblies, worship, concerts, dances, etc (noun)
  • A residential building, esp in a university; hall of residence (noun)
  • A large room, esp for dining, in a college or university (noun)
  • A meal eaten in this room (noun)
  • The large room of a house, castle, etc (noun)
  • A passage or corridor into which rooms open (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "hall" in a sentence
  • "Xheir verfc £hall give you fame; but more, your own* immortal Wit (hall its great patron boaft,"
  • "Down the hall is an intimate dining room where Michael Phelps enjoyed a bite after winning his first gold."
  • "Across the hall is a veteran who shouts obscenities while he wonders who killed Vic, presumably a fellow soldier from the war."