Definition of "halite" [ha•lite]

  • A colorless or white mineral, NaCl, occurring as cubic crystals and found in dried lakebeds in arid climates, mined or gathered for use as table salt. (noun)
  • Rock salt. (noun)

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Use "halite" in a sentence
  • "The formal mineral name for crystalline sodium chloride is halite, derived from the Greek word hals meaning salt."
  • "Evaporite minerals such as halite (sodium chloride, or table salt) and gypsum produce the white deposits."
  • "Somniloquies rise like the drowned their lungfuls of air ripple as indecipherable a vision translucent as halite in opaque huelessness the night of it meandering breath is the sea rote I float to the pupil wade the green iris shut in its eyelid these thoughts dream me and not I them how from out of silence clarities swim"