Definition of "haemoptysis" []

  • Alternative spelling of hemoptysis. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

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  • "But do not administer hellebore to such persons as are laboring under empyema connected with abscesses, haemoptysis, and intemperament, or any other strong cause, for it will do no good; and if any thing unpleasant occur the hellebore will get the blame of it."
  • "Now something similar may happen in fracture of the ribs; for in fracture of one or more ribs, in general, if the fractured bones are not driven inward, nor are laid bare, fever rarely supervenes, neither does it often happen that there is haemoptysis, empyema, and suppurating sores, which require treatment with pledgets, nor necrosis of the bones; and in these cases the ordinary regimen is sufficient."
  • "In many of these cases haemoptysis and empyema also take place."
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