Definition of "hadrosaur" [hadrosaur]

  • Any of various amphibious dinosaurs of the genus Anatosaurus and related genera that had webbed feet and a ducklike bill. Also called duckbill, duck-billed dinosaur. (noun)

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Use "hadrosaur" in a sentence
  • "MANNING: A hadrosaur is a distinct group of ormafiskin (ph), bird-hip dinosaurs that were quite common at the end of the cretaceous, which was literally the last gasp of the age of dinosaurs."
  • "(Dalla Vecchia 2009) (throughout this article, I'll be using 'hadrosaur' as a vernacular term for both Hadrosauridae, and for Hadrosauroidea),"
  • "I didn't need to see Rick Marshall pour hadrosaur urine all over himself."