Definition of "gyri" [‖Gy•ri]

  • Plural of gyrus. (noun)

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Use "gyri" in a sentence
  • "Outermost, covering the entire cerebrum, is the gray matter, the cerebral cortex, an eighth-inch-thick landscape of rolling hills (known as gyri) and valleys (sulci)."
  • "The ridges of cerebral tissue between the sulci, which look like softly rolled matter that has been flattened out slightly by the pressure of the skull, are called gyri (j'y'ry; "rolls" L), the singular form being gyrus (jy'rus)."
  • "The lateral surface of the frontal lobe (Fig. 726) is tranversed by three sulci which divide it into four gyri: the sulci are named the precentral, and the superior and inferior frontal; the gyri are the anterior central, and the superior, middle, and inferior frontal."