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  • "How can i install gizmo5 client on them, so that when someone calls my gv"
  • "i love 24 but i love gh more!!! even tho gv is gone. im a major liz lucky fan but jj is no lucky now. is gh trying to make lucky younger lucky is an adult dont bring him back in time"
  • "Tue 10/27/09 6: 12 PM that’s not true at all gv is the best lucky jj is not adult lucky gv is the way the let gv go was so very Rude gv we are excited to support you in your next roles"
  • "Kth Clmnts frcd hs x-wf sll hr wn brl plt nd md hr gv hm th $ sh rcvd fr sllng t!"
  • "Gnrl cnsnss - Sttzky s th prblm ... h s t ld t ths pnt t mrry yt nthr stdnt s h shld jst gv t p lrdy."