Definition of "gut" []

  • The alimentary canal or a portion thereof, especially the intestine or stomach. (noun)
  • The embryonic digestive tube, consisting of the foregut, the midgut, and the hindgut. (noun)
  • The bowels; entrails; viscera. (noun)
  • Slang Innermost emotional or visceral response: She felt in her gut that he was guilty. (noun)
  • Slang The essential components or inner working parts: "The best part of a good car . . . is its guts” ( Leigh Allison Wilson). (noun)
  • The lower part of the alimentary canal; intestine (noun)

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  • The entire alimentary canal (noun)
  • The bowels or entrails, esp of an animal (noun)
  • The belly; paunch (noun)
  • A silky fibrous substance extracted from silkworms, used in the manufacture of fishing tackle (noun)
  • A narrow channel or passage (noun)
  • Courage, willpower, or daring; forcefulness (noun)
  • The essential part (noun)
  • To remove the entrails from (fish, etc) (verb)
  • (esp of fire) to destroy the inside of (a building) (verb)
  • To plunder; despoil (verb)
  • To take out the central points of (an article), esp in summary form (verb)
  • Arising from or characterized by what is basic, essential, or natural (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "gut" in a sentence
  • "June 22nd, 2009 3: 51 pm ET this gut is a liberal clown and acted like a republican and cheated on his wife but he is not responsible because he is a hypocrite democrat."
  • "Even the people defending voting for the Democrats on this turn of the wheel defend it as 'pragmatic', as though choosing to be stabbed in the gut is the pragmatic alternative to choosing to be shot in the head."
  • "Q: A writer has crafted a book he believes in his gut is a breakout novel: it has it all, including a unique setting, authentic characters, a captivating plot that unfolds in surprising ways, scads of conflict and more."