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  • Thom(son William). 1929–2004, British poet who lived in the USA. His works include Fighting Terms (1954), My Sad Captains (1961), Jack Straw's Castle (1976), The Man with the Night Sweats (1992), and Boss Cupid (2000) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "GypsyFactChecker hiker how you call gunn's matchups fights? gunn is a total load of crap who fights nothing but bums gunns invasion of ireland will require another hand picked fall down opponent. email"
  • "As a gunn owner you have to take safety into consideration while using common sense to do what is best for you."
  • "So they weren't dealing at all well, and he spent most of the daylight hours tramping up Glen Bollocks, or whatever they call it, roaring "Ze gunn!" and butchering every animal in view."
  • "Roger, its been an interesting post, patronizng tim gunn speeches aside."
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