Definition of "guild" []

  • An association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards. (noun)
  • A similar association, as of merchants or artisans, in medieval times. (noun)
  • Ecology A group of diverse species, especially animal species, that occupy a common niche in a given community, characterized by exploitation of environmental resources in the same way. (noun)
  • An organization, club, or fellowship (noun)

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  • (esp in medieval Europe) an association of men sharing the same interests, such as merchants or artisans: formed for mutual aid and protection and to maintain craft standards or pursue some other purpose such as communal worship (noun)
  • A group of plants, such as a group of epiphytes, that share certain habits or characteristics (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "guild" in a sentence
  • "It's hard to imagine, but maybe in this respect, the guild is actually doing right by the public at large."
  • "LATER: Jay Rosen finds in this post by Jeff Bercovici the poster child of what he calls the guild mentality and what I call the clubbyness of journalism."
  • "Look here if you know how to display your mini pets in guild wars so you can transfer to gw 2?"