Definition of "guan" [guan]

  • Any of several large game birds of the family Cracidae, native to the jungles of tropical America and related to and resembling the curassows. (noun)

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Use "guan" in a sentence
  • "The bandit chief is not impressed, but soon he and his men are made quick work of by the woman and her large polearm (she wields what is called a guan dao in Chinese, it's a long pole weapon with a curved blade fixed at the top)."
  • "Still, while you feel "guan" shouldn't be translated as controlled, I don't think "controlled" necessarily leads to people to think of "oppressed"."
  • "Once, when eating breakfast at a small outdoor aboriginal restaurant in the mountains of Taiwan, the owner, a motherly woman, asked me if I wanted to try some, "san bei guan niu"."