Definition of "grit" []

  • Minute rough granules, as of sand or stone. (noun)
  • The texture or fineness of sand or stone used in grinding. (noun)
  • A coarse hard sandstone used for making grindstones and millstones. (noun)
  • Informal Indomitable spirit; pluck. (noun)
  • To clamp (the teeth) together. (verb-transitive)
  • Small hard particles of sand, earth, stone, etc (noun)

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  • Any coarse sandstone that can be used as a grindstone or millstone (noun)
  • The texture or grain of stone (noun)
  • Indomitable courage, toughness, or resolution (noun)
  • An arbitrary measure of the size of abrasive particles used in a grinding wheel or other abrasive process (noun)
  • To clench or grind together (two objects, esp the teeth) (verb)
  • To cover (a surface, such as icy roads) with grit (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "grit" in a sentence
  • "A new hero, new problems, and new, but deadly consequences — the grit is about to hit the fan!"
  • "Getting science right - Fringe's gentle pokes at parapsychology, BSG (I will believe any science if enough grit is rubbed on it), and anything computer-y said in The Big Bang Theory."
  • "There's nothing like being on a third story roof and the fine grit from the shingles acting like marbles under your feet, making you slide toward the edge with nothing to grab to stop your fall ...."