Definition of "grip" [grip]

  • (noun) A tight hold; a firm grasp: a drowning swimmer now safely in the grip of a lifeguard.
  • (noun) The pressure or strength of such a grasp: a wrestler with an unmatched grip.
  • (noun) A manner of grasping and holding: The crate afforded no comfortable grip.
  • (noun) Intellectual hold; understanding: a good grip on French history.
  • (noun) Ability to function properly or well; competence: getting a grip on the new technique.

Use "grip" in a sentence

  • "Places in hydraulic clamp which holds the shaft; the grip is attached to the shaft."
  • "(END VIDEO CLIP) MOOS: Occupational therapists offer tips to prevent strain from what they call grip and grin."
  • "Dis new name what they call grip is pleurisy-cold -- putrid sore-throat is called somethin '-- yes, diptheria."

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