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Definition of "grass-cutter" [grass-cutter]

  • One who or that which cuts grass; specifically, one of a body of attendants on an Indian army, whose task is to provide provender for the large number of cattle necessary for transporting munitions, baggage, etc. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "grass-cutter" in a sentence
  • ""It's not a breeding place, but a place where European bison is a kind of grass-cutter," says Wanda Olech-Piasecka , a researcher at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences who tracks the ancestry of all of the captive European bison — about 1,400, 40 percent of the total number on earth."
  • "Ex-congressmanDan Rostenkowski, who was released from prison last August after serving 13 months for mail fraud, declining to apologize during a radio interview in Chicago "" Frankly, I thought you were my grass-cutter collecting for the month. ''"
  • "When I pulled in to her agency I saw her seated on a tractor, towing a grass-cutter though a field of buttercups, a little black boy in the seat with her."