Definition of "grapevines" []

  • Any of several vitaceous vines of the genus Vitis, esp V. vinifera of E Asia, widely cultivated for its fruit (grapes): family Vitaceae (noun)
  • An unofficial means of relaying information, esp from person to person (noun)
  • A wrestling hold in which a wrestler entwines his own leg around his opponent's and exerts pressure against various joints (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "grapevines" in a sentence
  • "Why, when the roses need pruning, the grapevines are a tangle?"
  • "The Macedonian army climbed out of the deserts and over the high Elburz Mountains towards a semi-tropical paradise full of fig trees, grapevines, and fields of grain."
  • "Beyond the town the ground was black from the eroded rubble of ancient mountains, but the town itself was much like Siwa, with abundant fruit trees, grapevines, and fields of wheat."
  • "Specifically in Afghanistan farmers are learning that it is more profitable to plant grapevines than opium poppy."