Definition of "gotta" []

  • Informal Contraction of got to: I gotta go home.
  • Got to

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Use "gotta" in a sentence
  • "gotta love a strong kickbutt kinda gal though..gotta keep those men in check."
  • "A lot of things gotta to be reconciled, I gotta really know where that brother stands and like I said the label gotta get their act together because they still haven't got their act together all they ever done, me and my management, is be humble about the situation and come in peace but I mean as the days go on we starting to see their little plan to phase me out of the Slum Village legacy and move on without me."
  • "Now what McCain gotta say taking money from Lobbyist and Pac's when Sen Obama has instructed the DNC to do what he has already been doing and NOT take money from these special interest groups!"