Definition of "gorgio" [gorgio]

  • One who is not a Gipsy; an outsider. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "gorgio" in a sentence
  • "Whenever I read some novel about Gypsies and see the ostensibly Hungarian or Romanian Gypsy characters using words like "gorgio" or "kushti" I immediately know the writer has spent a lot more time in the library than speaking with Roma."
  • "Whereupon I answers, “It all comes of my son Jasper, who brings the gorgio to our fire, and must needs be teaching him.”"
  • "“Nothing at all, master,” says I; “something about the weather”; when who should start up from behind a pale, where he has been listening, but this ugly gorgio, crying out, “They are after poisoning your pigs, neighbour!” so that we are glad to run,"