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  • Any of various hollow-horned, bearded ruminant mammals of the genus Capra, originally of mountainous areas of the Old World, especially any of the domesticated forms of C. hircus, raised for wool, milk, and meat. (noun)
  • A lecherous man. (noun)
  • A scapegoat. (noun)
  • See Capricorn. (noun)
  • Any sure-footed agile bovid mammal of the genus Capra, naturally inhabiting rough stony ground in Europe, Asia, and N Africa, typically having a brown-grey colouring and a beard. Domesticated varieties (C. hircus) are reared for milk, meat, and wool (noun)

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  • A lecherous man (noun)
  • A bad or inferior member of any group (esp in the phrase separate the sheep from the goats) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "Kellan and Nikki are hilarious!!! the whole Rob running like a mountain goat is funny to picture … i keep picturing him running like that episode from “Friends” … when Phoebe takes up jogging with Rachel … lol"
  • "This goat is your goat, this goat is my goat: The Archive"
  • "And more notoriously, my post This goat is your goat, this goat is my goat became goat-goat-goat-goat."